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Carpet Cleaning Carlisle PA - A Peace of Mind Cleaning

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Carpet cleaning in Carlisle Is fortunate enough to have a carpet cleaning company that can prove their carpet cleaning methods. Advantage Chem-Dry has recently conducted a nation-wide survey to better understand the motivations behind “spring cleaning.” Most participants listed “peace of mind” as the primary motivation for carpet cleaning, and Carlisle carpet cleaning provided by Advantage Chem-Dry goes above and beyond to satisfy this need. Advantage Chem-Dry delivers peace of mind by way of The Natural®, our chief cleaning solution. The Natural® contains ingredients copied from nature, so you can rest easy knowing that our Carlisle carpet cleaning service promotes you and your family’s health. Chem-Dry removes 98% of allergens from carpets and upholstery, while also removing 89% of airborne bacteria. With those numbers, Carlisle carpet cleaning has your peace of mind covered. So, what better time than now to save and score with our healthy-home carpet cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning Carlisle - Clearing the Air

Good weather leading to more time to play outside means more pet dander and allergens to gather inside. Whether you have pets or not, Chem-Dry’s hot carbonating extraction process focuses on your home’s air quality. Pets can wreak havoc on your carpet and your air quality can suffer because of it, but don’t throw out your pets just yet! Chem-Dry can help preserve clean air quality. Advantage Chem-Dry’s Carlisle carpet cleaning service offers the solution of Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T)® This product removes urine stains, while eliminating 99.9% of urine odors. Plus, when P.U.R.T is accompanied with the Chem-Dry cleaning process and a sanitizer it removes 99.2% of bacteria from pet urine. We’ve done our homework and have proven our cleaning methods. We are excited to offer these kind of results to the Carlisle area, giving you the option of better air quality with less odor and bacteria floating around your family.

Carpet Cleaning Carlisle - Setting a Standard of Customer Service

There are multiple options for carpet cleaning in Carlisle, but with the results mentioned above and our excellent customer service, Advantage Chem-Dry should be your go-to choice for carpet cleaners. We understand the confusion that can exist in regards to carpet cleaning methods. There are a lot of sales and promises floating around, but our carpet cleaning experts deliver above and beyond customer service. We deliver prompt and affordable service, giving you a complete walkthrough of the Chem-Dry cleaning process before we begin. If you need any further clarification on our healthy home studies, feel free to call and ask us about our fantastic carpet cleaning results. We love serving Carlisle and we make it our mission to give you the healthiest carpet cleaning options.


 Very Pleased!

" I have just had my carpets cleaned today. They look, and smell great! This is the third time in the last several years that I have used the Advantage Chem-Dry company . I am always happy, and very pleased with the wonderful job, and professional service that they give me as a customer. I recommend them for anyone who wants their carpet to look great!!!"

5 / 5 stars ★★★★★


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