Customer Testimonials


Happy Chem-Dry Customer

Dear Advantage Chem-Dry:

We had our upholstery cleaned and were so pleased with the outcome. Advantage Chem-Dry did a wonderful job and we will definitely call them again. Oh, and that you Josh, for doing such a terrific job!

-S.V .

Dear Advantage Chem-Dry:

I was so pleased with the service that Advantage Chem-Dry did for us, that I will definitely call them again and refer them to everyone I know. Thank you so much for giving me great, clean carpets!

-D.F .

Dear Advantage Chem-Dry:

I was really impressed with Advantage Chem-Dry. The technician did a great job cleaning my carpet and got out stains that I thought would never come out.

-S.F .

Dear Advantage Chem-Dry:

I am so pleased that Advantage Chem-Dry came to our home and cleaned our upholstery. They did a great job, so I just wanted to give a review for them and I will call them again.

-J.M .

Dear Advantage Chem-Dry:

We had our carpets cleaned by Advantage Chem-Dry and we got terrific service and carpet cleaning. We will definitely use them again.

-M.V .