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6 Carpet Care Tips You Probably Don’t Know

  1. Clean spots and spills quickly with safe products to avoid damage or cause your carpets to resoil quicker!

  2. Carpets need care! To see the best outcomes, you should professionally clean your carpets every 12-18 months. Dirt and grime can get embedded deep in your carpets

  3. Vacuums can be tricky sometimes. It’s hard to know which vacuums clean your carpets the best. Chem-Dry recommends that you clean your carpets with the right frequency and a CRI-approved vacuum. 

  4. Use mats to reduce the amount of outside dirt taken into the house.

  5. Change your air filters. The dust particles in your air conditioner and your heater can actually get deep into your carpets and cause unwanted damage.

  6. Clean up spills as soon as you can. Cleaning up these will prevent further damage and avoid the mess seeping into the small fibers of your carpet.