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Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs add a great deal of value to your home by providing a colorful design to any room and creating a warm cozy feeling. Choosing the right rug is essential when decorating a small space.  

You want to expose part of your hardwood or tile in order to make the room feel larger.  In smaller spaces, it is best to choose rugs with solid colors or small prints as this, again, helps to enhance the room’s space.  Finally, you want to choose a rug that is functional for your space. An office, playroom, and sitting room would each require a different style of rug for their purpose. 

Vacuuming is essential to caring for and maintaining your rugs.  You should vacuum your rug at least once a week to prevent dirt buildup in the carpet fibers.  Also, it is important to choose the right cleaning products for your rug and pay close attention to rugs that require special care, which is something Chem-Dry specializes in.  Not to mention a non-slip pad to go underneath your rug to help protect the floors they cover. Try rotating your rug every 2-3 months to ensure that is getting even wear on all sides.  Finally, you should have your rug cleaned professionally every 12-18 months. Following these tips will help keep your rug looking its best.