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Don’t Wait until Spring to Clean… Cleaning Tips to Make your Home Healthier in the New Year

This is the perfect time to get your home in tip top shape.

A fresh home begins with clean carpets.  Not only will a professional carpet cleaning help to extend the life of your carpet, but it will give your carpets a bright, fresh, pristine look for all of your company. You will be ridding your home of many of the allergens that lurk during this time of year.  In a season where people choose to stay home and get cozy by a fire, you can enjoy the look and feel of fresh carpets. Once you have had your carpets thoroughly cleaned, you should leave snowy boots and shoes by the door, in order to prevent further messes on your carpet. 

While it is recommended that you have your furniture professionally cleaned every 18-24 months, you can also maintain your furniture between those cleanings by vacuuming it regularly and protecting it against spills and stains.